A última invenção do passado
Os destroços de uma família
O reino da despalavra
Nossos autores na imprensa

Confira as últimas notícias literárias sobre nossos escritores: Tiago Ferro: “El […]

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Pesadelo corporativo

Em seu novo livro, Marcelo Ferroni coloca em xeque o método […]

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A cantora lírica e o magnata

Marina Colasanti reconstitui em Vozes de batalha a trajetória de Gabriella […]

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Latest Deals

26 de agosto de 2021

Ayana Gray’s BEASTS OF PREY, to Cartaphilus (Hungary), in a three-book deal, by Petra Olah at Katai & Bolza; to Muza (Poland), in a three-book deal, by Paulina Machnik at Graal; to Record (Brazil), in a three-book deal, by Camila Marandino at Riff Agency; to Bookzone (Romania), in a three-book deal, by Kamelia Emilova at Andrew Nurnberg Associates; to Eksmo (Russian Federation), in a three-book deal, by Zuzanna Brzezinska at Anna Jarota Agency; and to to Planeta, (Spain), in a three-book deal, by Sandra Bruna at Sandra Bruna Literary Agency; on behalf of Kim Ryan at Penguin Young Readers.

24 de agosto de 2021

Kindra Hall’s CHOOSE YOUR STORY, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, to Alta (Brazil), by Riff Agency; also to Portal (Russian Federation), by Andrew Nurnberg Associates Moscow; and to Willbooks (Korea, Dem. People’s Rep), by Eric Yang Agency; on behalf of Hannah Rody-Wright at Jane Rotrosen Agency.

16 de agosto de 2021

Tom Vitale’s IN THE WEEDS, to Tordesilhas (Brazil), by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency, on behalf of Jamie Chambliss, Steve Troha, and Melissa White at Folio Literary Management.

3 de agosto de 2021

Sunyi Dean’s THE BOOK EATERS, to Oceano (Mexico), by Sandra Biel Piera at International Editors’; also to Alta (Brazil), by Roberto Matos at Riff Agency; and to AST (Russian Federation), by Anastasia Filippova at Nova Littera; on behalf of Naomi Davis and Jessica Alvarez at BookEnds.

2 de agosto de 2021

Riley Sager’s SURVIVE THE NIGHT, to Alta (Brazil), by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency; also to Shueisha (Japan), by Misa Morikawa at Tuttle-Mori; and to Dobrovsky (Czech Republic), in an exclusive submission, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi; on behalf of Erin Files at Aevitas Creative Management.

29 de julho de 2021

Leigh Bardugo’s THE LIVES OF SAINTS, to Planeta Brazil (Brazil), by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency; also to Blossom Books (The Netherlands), by Lester Hekking at Sebes & Bisseling; to Droemer Knaur (Germany), by Kathrin Nehm at Thomas Schlueck Agency; to Mondadori (Italy), by Elena Benaglia at The Italian Agency; to Mag Jacek Rodek (Poland), by Marta Ziolkowska at Andrew Nurnberg Associates Warsaw; to Hidra (Spain), by Jennifer Hoge at International Editors’; and to Milan (France), by Donatella d’Ormesson at Donatella d’Ormesson Literary; SIX OF CROWS, to Gyldendal Norsk (Norway), by Lester Hekking at Sebes & Bisseling; also to Nanmeebooks (Thailand), by Pat Akkarasawart at Bridge Communications; and CROOKED KINGDOM, to Aryeh Nir (Israel), by Beverley Levit at The Israeli Association of Book Publishers; also to Palitra (Georgia), by Tatjana Zoldnere at Andrew Nurnberg Associates Baltic; on behalf of Veronica Grijalva at New Leaf Literary & Media, for Joanna Volpe.

28 de julho de 2021

Ryan Douglass’s THE TAKING OF JAKE LIVINGSTON, to Record (Brazil), by Camila Marandino at Riff Agency, on behalf of Kim Ryan at Penguin Young Readers.

14 de julho de 2021

Leigh Bardugo’s KING OF SCARS, to KPG (Indonesia), in a two-book deal, by Clare Chi at The Grayhawk Agency; also to Mondadori (Italy), in a two-book deal, by Elena Benaglia at The Italian Agency; and to Planeta Brazil (Brazil), in a two-book deal, by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency; and RULE OF WOLVES, to Albatros Slovakia (Czech Republic), by Kristin Olson at Kristin Olson Literary Agency; also to Blossom Books (The Netherlands), by Lester Hekking at Sebes & Bisseling; and to Urban Reads (Serbia), and to Trei (Romania), by Kamelia Emilova at Andrew Nurnberg Associates Sofia; on behalf of Veronica Grijalva at New Leaf Literary & Media, for Joanna Volpe.

12 de julho de 2021

Gabrielle Zevin’s THE STORIED LIFE OF A.J. FIKRY, to Zysk (Poland), by Piotr Wawrzenczyk at Book/lab Literary Agency; also to Companhia das Letras (Brazil), by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency; on behalf of Danielle Bukowski at Sterling Lord Literistic.

24 de junho de 2021

Author and historian Buzzy Jackson’s DIE BEAUTIFUL, a novel based on the true story of Hannie Schaft, an idealistic young woman in Nazi-occupied Holland whose love for her friends, family, and country lead her to join the Dutch Resistance, learn to shoot a gun, and become the most wanted woman in Holland, singled out by Hitler himself, to Maya Ziv at Dutton, in a pre-empt, by Molly Friedrich and Lucy Carson at Friedrich Agency (NA).

Additional rights to Jillian Taylor at Michael Joseph, in a pre-empt, by Caspian Dennis at Abner Stein (UK/Commonwealth, excl. Canada); to Stefanie Werk at Aufbau (Germany), in a pre-empt, by Leonie Schobel at Michael Meller Agency; to Animus (Hungary), in a pre-empt, by Peter Bolza at Katai & Bolza; to Nana Vaz Castro at Arqueiro (Brazil), in a pre-empt, by Laura Riff at Riff Agency; to Litera (Romania), at auction, by Milena Kaplarevic at Prava I Prevodi; and to Alix Leveugle at Plaza & Janes (Spain), at auction, by Julia Garrigos and Teresa Vilarrubla at The Foreign Office; on behalf of Hannah Brattesani at The Friedrich Agency.