Laços literários
Lygia Fagundes Telles (1923-2022)

Nos despedimos no último dia 4 de abril da escritora Lygia […]

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Um inventário de vidas

O novo romance de João Anzanello Carrascoza e sua precisão poética […]

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Viva Sueli!

Teórica do feminismo negro brasileiro, Sueli Carneiro é a primeira autora […]

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Latest Deals

1 de novembro de 2021

Colleen Hoover’s REMINDERS OF HIM, to DTV (Germany), by Annelie Geissler at Mohrbooks; also to Record (Brazil), by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency; on behalf of Lauren Abramo at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret.

27 de outubro de 2021

Cherie Dimaline’s EMPIRE OF WILD, to Livia Oliveira at Melhoramentos (Brazil), by Laura Riff at Riff Agency, on behalf of Hana El Niwairi at The Cooke Agency International, for Dean Cooke and Rachel Letofsky at CookeMcDermid.

27 de outubro de 2021

Thomas King’s INDIANS ON VACATION, to Dublinense (Brazil), by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency, on behalf of Meg Wheeler at Westwood Creative Artists for Jackie Kaiser.

25 de outubro de 2021

Heather Fawcett’s adult debut EMILY WILDE’S ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF FAERIES, an epistolary Icelandic fairy tale set in an alternative 1900s, starring a socially inept scholar of the folk, and her academic archrival/possible love interest, pitched for fans of Susanna Clarke and TJ Klune, to Tricia Narwani at Del Rey, in a major deal, in a pre-empt, for publication in January 2023, by Brianne Johnson in her first deal at HG Literary.

Rights also to Nadia Saward at Orbit UK, in a three-book deal, in a pre-empt, by Rachel Clements at Abner Stein; to Minotauro (Brazil), in a pre-empt, by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency; to Oscar Fantastica (Italy), in a three-book deal, in a pre-empt, by Mariavittoria Puccetti at The Italian Agency; to MAG (Poland), in a three-book deal, at auction by Piotr Wawrzenczyk at Book/lab Literary Agency; to Arkadia (Russia), by Julia Demchenko at The Van Lear Agency; and to Urano (Spain) in a pre-empt, by Txell Torrent at MB Agency; on behalf of Soumeya Bendimerad Roberts and Brianne Johnson at HG Literary.

22 de outubro de 2021

Venture capitalist and NYT bestselling author of MEASURE WHAT MATTERS John Doerr’s SPEED & SCALE: AN ACTION PLAN FOR SOLVING OUR CLIMATE CRISIS NOW, a roadmap that uses OKRs–Silicon Valley’s most effective tool for achieving ambitious goals–to reduce carbon emissions across every sector of the economy and reach net zero by 2050, featuring firsthand accounts from luminaries including Jeff Bezos, Christiana Figueres, Al Gore, Mary Barra, and Bill Gates, to Trish Daly at Portfolio, by Myrsini Stephanides while at Carol Mann Agency (world).

Additional rights to Lydia Yadi at Penguin Business (UK/Commonwealth); to Citic (China), by Andrew Nurnberg Associates Beijing; Commonwealth (Taiwan), by Andrew Nurnberg Associates Taiwan; Vahlen (Germany), by MohrbooksNikkei Business (Japan), by Tuttle-Mori; Business Books (Korea), by Milkwood Agency; and Alta (Brazil), by Riff Agency; on behalf of Tom Dussel at Portfolio.

18 de outubro de 2021

Ashley Elston’s FIRST LIE WINS, her first adult novel, a cat-and-mouse suspense story pitched for fans of Laura Dave and Liv Constantine, in which a woman is hired for various jobs under changing identities for her mysterious boss, always staying one step ahead of her past while making sure there’s still a future in front of her, to Pamela Dorman at Pamela Dorman Books, in a pre-empt, for publication in summer 2023, by Sarah Landis at Sterling Lord Literistic (NA).

Rights to Headline (UK), in a six-figure deal, in a pre-empt, by Vanessa Kerr at Abner Stein; to Intrinseca (Brazil), at auction, by Joao Paulo Riff at Riff Agency; to Volt (the Netherlands), at auction, by Diana Gvozden at Marianne Schoenbach Literary Agency; to Droemer Knaur (Germany), at auction, by Christian Dittus at Paul & Peter Fritz Agency; to Dioptra (Greece), by John Moukakos at JLM Agency; to Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir (Israel), in a pre-empt, by Jessica Kasmer-Jacobs at Deborah Harris Agency; to Baltos Lankos (Lithuania), by Tatjana Zoldnere at Andrew Nurnberg Associates; and too Zysk (Poland), at pre-empt, by Piotr Wawrzenczyk at Book/lab Literary Agency; all on behalf of Szilvia Molnar and Danielle Bukowski at Sterling Lord Literistic.

8 de outubro de 2021

Emily Ratajkowski’s MY BODY, to Buzz Editora (Brazil), by Laura Riff at Riff Agency, on behalf of Erin Files at Aevitas Creative Management.

1 de outubro de 2021

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and The Mindful MFT on Instagram Vienna Pharaon’s THE ORIGINS OF YOU, promising to unlock a healing process to help us understand our “family of origin,” become aware of its manifestations in our adult behaviors, and rewire our programming to improve our relationships and our lives, to Michelle Howry at Putnam, at auction, by Jan Baumer and Steve Troha at Folio Literary Management (NA).

Rights to Het Spectrum (The Netherlands), by Sebes & Bisseling; to Sextante (Brazil), by Riff Agency; to Citic (China), by The Grayhawk Agency; and to Trei (Romania), by Livia Stoia Literary Agency.

1 de outubro de 2021

Lois Duncan’s I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, to Ocultas (Spain), by Txell Torrent at MB Agency; also to Planeta Brazil (Brazil), by Laura Riff at Riff Agency; on behalf of Danielle Bukowski at Sterling Lord Literistic.

24 de setembro de 2021

Adib Khorram’s KISS AND TELL, to Casa (Brazil), by Camila Marandino at Riff Agency, on behalf of Kim Ryan at Penguin Young Readers.